What is The Invisible Disabilities Advocate with Founder and President Wayne Connell

Founder and President, Wayne Connell, gives a brief overview of the The Invisible Disabilities Advocate (IDA), IDA's purpose and impact on the world at the 2008 Honors Awards Banquet.

The Invisible Disabilities Advocate (IDA) is Encouraging, Supporting and Assisting People Touched by Chronic Illness, Pain and Injury Around the World!

*Encouragement Through Our Online Social Network

*Support Through our Website, Booklet, Pamphlets, Newsletters, Resources and Seminars

*Assistance Through Projects such as Our Cleaner Indoor Air Campaign and Programs4People

Wayne Connell is the Founder and President of the organization. Wayne's inspiration for IDA was his wife, Sherri. She used to sing and dance in musicals, enjoy her career, cheerlead, ride her horse and lift weights. Sherri now struggles daily with the debilitating symptoms of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Late-Chronic Lyme Disease and Toxic Chemical Injury.

Wayne is joined by several business and medical professionals on the Executive and Advisory Boards who have a heart for people living with chronic conditions.

IDA is thankful for the opportunity we have had to touch the lives of hundreds of over a million people living with chronic conditions across the globe, as well as give educational seminars to health groups and corporations.

IDA receives countless emails and letters from friends, family, co-workers, doctors, businesses, foundations, support groups and those living with debilitating conditions, sharing their stories of reconciled relationships, a better understanding and hope amidst the pain.

Won't you join us in being a beacon in the night to the millions of people who live with debilitating conditions? Partner with IDA by giving a monthly or yearly donation to help us with our expenses. Every gift counts! Simply go to: www.InvisibleDisabilities.org/donations.htm

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